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The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Autumn is the ideal time to get your home looking great. With the festive season up and coming and the prospect of both invited and unexpected visitors dropping by for a few months, the house will no doubt need some preparation. Continue reading

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Furniture Cleaning A to Z

Upholstery Cleaning for All Furniture Types Try as you may to protect your furniture, whether you have a house full of kids and animals or it’s just you alone, spills and stains are inevitable. And even if you are careful … Continue reading

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Where Germs Are Hiding in Your Home

The amount of germs that share our living spaces might come as a surprise to many. Microorganisms are ever-present in our environment and in our bodies, and many are known to be beneficial — or even essential — for our … Continue reading

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How do you Deep Clean Wood Floors?

How do you Deep Clean Wood Floors? Wood floors can be a wonderful addition to any home. Many people love wood floors because of their versatility when it comes to decor, as well as the natural beauty they can bring to … Continue reading

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Importance Of Cleaning Pet Urine Accidents And The Chem-Dry P.U.R.T. Process

If you have pets, chances are you've experienced those issues. All County Chem-Dry provides a pet urine accident solution that has been tested and proven. Therefore, the P.U.R.T. process removes 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets and 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets when combined with a sanitizer. Read More