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Platinum Care Protection Plus Program

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Why Choose The Platinum Care Protection Plus Program?

At All County Chem-Dry, we understand that your fine carpeting, rugs, drapery, upholstered fabrics, leather, tile, stone, and wood require both protection and maintenance to protect your investment, provide the longest life, and keep these products looking their best.

As experts in the care of furnishings in the finest homes, offices, and other specialty interior environments, we fully understand the many different challenges that a variety of fibers, fabrics, carpet, area rugs, leathers, and hard surfaces represent. Different performance, physical, and chemical characteristics require different types of protection, and have varied maintenance needs and requirements.

We customize our protection of each fabric, fiber, leather, and hard surface to match the needs, characteristics, and usage particular to each specific piece that we treat. And we support our customized protection applications with service and maintenance that is also customized accordingly.

With a broad range of highly effective, extensively tested products supported by a dedicated research and development team, plus a staff of service professionals and consultants to offer you expert care, attention, and educational information, the Platinum Care Protection Plus Program strives to deliver the most outstanding service experience ever.